Welcome to my Photographic Travel Journal of Perhentian Islands, Terengganu, Malaysia.

NOTE : This journal covers my trip to Perhentian Island 2011 trip. You may use this material for reference. Commercial use of text and images found on the following pages is prohibited. Prices and other figures might change has this journal is being written in 2011.


Photographic Equipment Used

Canon Rebel XS, 50mm 1.8 MK II, 17-40 F4L, tripod and Olympus FS105


Understanding Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands (Pulau Perhentian in Malay) lie approximately 10 nautical miles (19 km) off the coast of northeastern Malaysia.

It is a part of state of Terengganu. The name "Perhentian" means "stopping point" in Malay. These islands were used as stopping point by traders in ancient times on their way to Bangkok.

Perhentian is one of the best places to snorkel and scuba dive around Malaysia. It is nothing like Tioman or Langkawi, the islands only host limited huts and restaurants, there are no roads, joy rides, cable cars or clubs. These are virgin islands and are part of marine park of Malaysia.

If you are a nature lover who loves crystal clear waters, white beaches, jungles, diving, snorkeling and bright sun, its the place for you.

Perhentians are two islands namely Perhentian Kecil ( small island ) and Perhentian Besar ( Big Island ). If you are a backpacker like me, straight away head to the small island. If you are a family man, better go to the big island. The big island provides better accommodation at higher budget and a bit of more luxury. The small island is home to backpackers, the food is cheap as compared to the big island, accommodation is cheap and night life is amazing.

Best Time to Go

The Perhentian Islands are hit by monsoon as it lies on the east coast of Malaysia. Suitable time for visit is from mid February to late September, the tide is low and the sun shines bright in these months.